Sigmatope Crawler Control Devices



  • The instauro Sigmatope is designed to replace conventional pipeline crawler isotope signalling devices.
  • The Sigmatope is designed to work with a matching magnetic detector box. This supersedes the conventional GM (Geiger–Müller) Radiation detector box.

Sigmatope detector

Magnetic Detector Box

  • The Sigmatope and detector are designed for use in conventional seamless carbon steel pipes in the thickness range 12 – 40 mm.
  • WARNING: When activated the Sigmatope produces a strong magnetic field and care should be taken around sensitive electronic devices, credit cards and medical implants.




  • ON/OFF Key switch power control.
  • Power on indication by Green LED on top panel and flashing Green indicator on T Handle.
  • Low battery indication on top panel by Red LED and Flashing Red indicator on T handle.
  • Lock out indication by a blue LED on the top panel, this will disable all other indicators including T handle indicators.
  • NOTE: A lock out indication will be automatic and will stop operation of the Sigmatope when the battery power is insufficient to give satisfactory and safe operation.
  • Long Battery operation life
  • Fast re-charge time.
  • Light, easy to position and signal as per conventional isotope T Type devices.
  • Adjustable signal strength in 16 switchable stages.



  • One Detector for all pipe wall thicknesses.
  • High/Low steel thickness switchable operation.
  • Adjustable detector sensitivity.
  • Visible indication of detector activity.
  • Easy adjustment of detector sensitivity.